In 1995 Poland changed it’s currency from old Złoty (PLZ) to the new Złoty (PLN) due to nationwide denomination and implementation of new banknote security features. The old banknotes however remained in use for some time and could still be exchanged up to 2010. To help promote the final year that conversion from the old currency was possible, NBP released an app to promote awareness of the limited time remaining to exchange old banknotes. It featured a simple cover-flow style gallery with pinch to zoom and tap to rotate features. The app was meat only to target users during the year of the exchange, however it was later integrated in to the NBP Safe app with updated graphics.

ROLE / Full control over project, responsible for UX design, GUI elements, device and user tests, contact with backend developer and work regarding AppStore/GooglePlay upload/maintenance/statistics. Provided reports to Bank President regarding app statistics.

TOOLS / Adobe CC, Xcode, Apple and Google online tools