With a somewhat dated brand book from over a decade ago, the National Bank of Poland was begging to show it’s age in a new digital era. Inconsistency in logo use resulted in over 20 logo variations which were completely varied and did little to help promote NBP’s professional image. The logo redesign called for a simplification but more importantly unification of all instances of the logo both externally and internally.

Following the logo redesign (advisor throughout project) coordinated and managed brand-book creation. A massive document completely covering all instances of logo use in the bank including all print materials, NBP branded videos, online materials and Apps. Furthermore, the first ever internal brand book awareness campaign was implemented in order to educate the bank’s thousands of employees as to the rules and advantages of using the new visual identity.

TOOLS / Adobe CC, Print materials, Apps, Online materials, Intranet help site, MS Office Templates, Press Pack

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