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CONCEPT / Inspired by memorials in Berlin which focus primarily on utilizing a space to elicit a powerful emotional response prior to any information/education function which is secondary. Persons walk into the space first towering above the structure only to quickly become completely dominated by the large slabs. The straight and unnatural repetition of corridors creates the sensation of a maze/prison and is meant to cause a sense of confusion and loss. The walls are occasionally infused with red resin in a form similar to images found left by prisoners however vastly disproportionate in size. Those walking the memorial can experience a sense of despair and defeat as many prisoners surely would have. Although once an individual finds their way to the central corridor and can see a clear path out of the maze, due to it’s much lower level relative outside conditions, it remains an uphill battle to leave the structure and is thus not easily achieved. The sensation of a prison area is further implied if there are persons on the higher levels overlooking those in the more central courtyard. The interaction quickly becomes that of a prisoner-guard mentality with some individuals higher and thus dominating those lower. “Guards” can easily “escape” the structure, where as “prisoners” at it’s core are much lower and cannot leave so easily. Never the less this relationship is dynamic and can quickly change.

IMPLEMENTATION / The proposal calls for a very large and centrally located site within the city. It is crucial that visitor can stumble-upon the structure by accident and therefore the location must be that with high numbers of tourist foot-traffic. An area about 1ha is divided into two distinct areas above and below ground level. The below-ground visitor area is open part time with interactive rooms presenting information and art. This area also includes a 24h parking site to further justify such a large empty expanse above ground in such a vital area of the city. The key area above ground is open to the public 24/7. It is formed by using steel reinforced concrete walls with an infused red resin, the entire structure is covered with protective anti-graffiti paint. Strategic ground lighting is used at night for safety and security reasons. The elevation angles are calculated to ensure the entire area is wheelchair accessible. Motion sensing cameras with IR and night vision are placed at the 4 perimeter walls of the structure to ensure accurate visitor counts as well as security with adequate surveillance.

The space is complimented with an interactive app utilizing stereo sound (best used in headphones) activated by bluetooth and NFC tags. The entire monument is covered buy a WIFI network granted via the app which allows for download of audio files and images. This ensures that the educational aspect of the monument is available to the public even if the information center is closed.

Project under NDA

TOOLS: SketchUp, Adobe CC