About me

Born in Poland, raised in America, and later lived in Australia, the UK, and Japan – a mix of cultural experience I bring to my work. I am always eager to bring my diverse cultural sensitivity to a fun team and work on better communication strategies that align with our values.

My passion was always traditional painting but a severe allergy to paint landed me in the hospital which is how my journey with digital arts began over 20 years ago. In my work I believe in creating a ripple of positivity, where the impact is measured not just in numbers, but in the smiles, emotions and hope we generate.

Legal work status:

UK – fully able to work, pre-settled status granted
(Does not require a sponsorship or visa)
Poland – Polish citizen, fully able to work in Poland
(Does not require a sponsorship or visa)
Japan – sponsorship / visa required

Rick Radoslaw Sosinski Kyudo in Kyoto

Outside of work I’m passionate about sports, particularly Kyudo (Japanese archery) know as the way of the bow.