Graphic Designer + PM = Rick

Hello there, I’m Rick Radoslaw Sosinski.
Welcome to my portfolio!

A passion for creating crisp design.

A lifelong passion for art and a dedicated career in digital graphic design joins decades of experience working with incredible teams to deliver on time and on budget results with a stress-free end-to-end process.

Digital Design

UX/UI for web, iOS, Android and internal tools. I help make your apps + sites lovely to see & use.

Project Management

Realistic work back schedules and hush hush churn through to a successful launch is my style.


From layup to QA, complete end to end of print in all it’s forms, also for digital publications.


Advising teams on how to bring complex projects and user experiences to life.


Qualified English Teacher trained in London with experience teaching IT teams.

Events Solutions

Creating entire immersive worlds bot IRL and in VR/AR, my passion is evoking that “ohhh” smile.

A rich and varied background

Other than my digital professional services I cater to a diverse clientele, because my passions extend outside the Design and PM work I do.

Masseur & Gym Rat

  • Studied Nursing for a year which led to…
  • REPs certified Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor
  • Certified masseur (relaxing and sports massage)

Kyudo fan

  • Heki school of Kyudo (Japanese archery)
  • Studied in Poland at Tametomo Archery Club
  • Studied in Japan at Tsukuba University Kyudojo
  • Practiced in Kyoto, Japan
  • 2-Dan level

“Modesty and simplicity
are a timeless
elegance and class.”

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